Mr Colin Lynch

Committee Member

I am honoured to join my colleagues as a Committee Member in The ATBC to add to my 38 years in strategic-sales, business development, marketing and learning and development. My career focus is customer outcomes and business improvement. I have been fortunate in my career choices (mostly) working with interesting and talented people in sciences, engineering and technologies in various disciplines including asset and personnel tracking and monitoring, steel fabrication, asset integrity, advanced NDT R&D, process instrumentation and hazardous waste management. Passionate about the role technologies and technical services have in data-visualisation applications throughout the process cycle in energy and mining sectors.

Remember: “Price is what you pay; value is what you get.”

As for me I am a student of culture, the arts and history. An integrator of ideas, opportunities and capabilities. A polymath and technology developer, poet and business development innovator. Thailand has a reputation that is deserved; idyllic scenery, delicious and varied foods, welcoming and exuberant people and a country worthy of exploration. I have barely begun and am excited to indulge for my next holiday and business relationships.